Halong Bay, Hanoi & Monkey Island- A Photo Diary

Floating Village in Halong Bay.
Floating Village in Halong Bay.

This post is long over-due and I have been meaning to upload these pictures of Vietnam for a while. Before taking the express bus to Sapa, I spent 3 days exploring crazy Hanoi and the beautiful natural wonders of Halong Bay. I also took a boat to Monkey Island, a private little resort just off of Cat Ba Island.


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    1. I just did it through my hotel. There are also loads of travel agencies in Hanoi that can do it for you. And yes- I would recommend it! It had wi-fi and was actually on time (which is shocking is SE Asia lol)


      1. Was it reasonably priced? Oh wow that sounds luxurious, Sapa is definitely worth the effort? (I’m bombarding you with 21 questions again, apologies!)


      2. No worries! Are you talking about the bus pricing? Because yes- I remember it being reasonable and I think it’s cheaper then the overnight train. I think Sapa is certainly worth a visit but that’s partly because it’s stunning and provides great photo opportunities. I also had a great time trekking there.


      3. I meant Halong Bay, I’d imagine that’s expensive?
        Does the bus to Sapa take you directly from Hanoi and vice versa? I’m probably too unfit to trek haha.


      4. Yes, it takes you directly from Hanoi. So we went to Halong Bay and then back to Hanoi to take the bus.
        The bus/boat tour around Halong Bay was fairly pricy for SE Asia- I think it was 45-50$ per person.


      5. For 3 days? That still sounds quite reasonable when you’re still in Western mode haha, I’m sure when I get used to Asian pricing I’ll feel like I’m being robbed.


  1. Great pics. It is a truly great place in the summer months. The journey to Halong Bay from Hanoi is longer than you think, but there is a good Novotel Hotel at the Bay which is cheap. Nice for a night’s stay.


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