Flying Through the Rainforest


Today I got to check off an item on my bucket list- ziplining! Ziplining has long been something I have wanted to do- but haven’t gotten around to. I will admit- I have had several other opportunities to zipline before this, but have always managed to make an excuse to get out of it. I am not a huge fan of heights. My hands actually start shaking again just looking at the pictures.

However- I conquered my fears and did it- with a little pushing from my guide over the edge. We went with Flying Squirrels in Chiang Mai, and I would definitely recommend them. All the equipment was new, the guides were very safety conscious, and we even got free t-shirts (which is always a selling point for me.) Anyways, I had a great time and maybe in the future I’ll be ready to try skydiving. I think it is so important to always keep pushing yourself out of your comfort zone- it keeps life interesting. Shaking it up and giving a shock of adrenaline to my system was exactly what I needed.


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