Working in Thailand- A Field Trip with 90 Six Year Olds

” Tornadoes can happen in Thailand and they are one of the world’s natural disasters.An F5 tornado is really big and very ‘structive.”

“You mean destructive, Win.”

“Yes, ‘structive. So tornados….”

Today my Prathom 1 students and I took our first field trip of the year. I sat in the front of the van with my fluent and adorable-yet highly obsessive first grader, Win. He is on a new kick about tornadoes and every conversation has to include something about this natural disaster. When we arrived back at school and I asked the students to write down their favorite part about the field trip, he just drew a giant tornado. It’s kind of refreshing to have a kid that speaks English fluently, even if our spectrum of topics is pretty limited.

We started the field trip at an interactive museum, Art in Paradise, and finished with lunch at a Western restaurant. They were all very excited. 

My students spent the day running around the museum and being generally adorable. I am reminded of how much I love my job on days like this.  Maybe I’m biased, but it really doesn’t get much cuter than these kids..

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When we finished with the museum, the kids were all cranky and hungry. Although I had prearranged the lunch with the restaurant, the waitresses all looked petrified when 90 six-year olds walked through their door. It went well for the most part and I was surprised at how well-behaved they were. One boy ate his pizza too fast and vomited all over the floor, but the kids seemed nonplussed by it and kept eating. Sorry about that, waitresses.

10525580_10205354120718082_1460208519477238486_n 10603297_10205354120758083_8764603810074836393_n

As I begin my seventh month teaching here in Thailand, I am constantly reminded of how lucky I am and how awesome it is to be paid teach these adorable children English. Although there are aspects of my job I am not as fond of, working with my students really is the highlight of my day. I never thought I would be the kind of person that loudly sings off-tune ‘Old Mcdonald’ and ‘If you’re happy and you know it’ in front of a bunch of giggling students. When I first came to Thailand, I wanted to teach solely for the money and for the work experience, and I was petrified to teach a room full of 45 six-year olds.

After seeing how much these kids brighten up my day, I can safely say that I have found something that I am pretty passionate about. Teaching English as a foreign language has opened so many doors, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds.


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  1. An excellent activity report Kaitlyn. Happy to know you enjoy what you do. I’m sure the children enjoy your great leadership and guidance. Love u. Grandpa Jim


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