Dance it Out

In some ways, I am sure teaching in Thailand is very similar to teaching in other 1457477_10205271939863612_6540645234791483316_ncountries. In other ways, it is very, very different. Today we celebrated one of many events held at the school. My students had been practicing for months leading up to the date, and the past two weeks English class was canceled to teach my little Prathom 1 students their dance moves.

Dance practice > Learning English.10670211_10205271939823611_6753101049305652818_n

Anyways, it was adorable and I had more time to plan my lessons and lounge about drinking copious amounts of iced thai tea, so I’m not complaining. As one my more fluent students stated, “Teacher, dancing is more fun then school!” I agree kid, I agree. And so, as we enter the semester of festivals and events at Dara, I am learning to embrace the spontaneity and be flexible.

Mai pen rai.


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